Located just south of the Country Club Plaza, the Brookside and Waldo neighborhoods are known for community and diversity, with numerous large, old Oak and Maple trees, well kept yards – but still with the distinct sense of living in the city. Well-built single-family homes range in style from smaller American Tudors and Craftsmen Bungalows to larger and more spacious Colonial revivals and American Georgian styles.

Brookside in particular is known for its airplane bungalows, an architectural style unique to Kansas City, and Waldo is distinguished by its beguiling Tudor homes. Both neighborhoods are within easy distance of the Plaza, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Rockhurst University, and are home to many of those institutions’ faculty members. Brookside’s charming retail shop district includes upscale dining, a renovated dime store, art galleries and numerous local restaurants all within a friendly walking environment.