Fairway/Mission Woods/Westwood/Westwood Hills


Fairway, the “City of Trees” is a bustling family-oriented neighborhood with a walkable retail district, active parks and playgrounds and historical sites linking it to Kansas’ frontier past. With a variety of older and well-maintained housing stock, Fairway offers moderately sized homes on large lots in a family-focused area convenient to the Country Club Plaza.


Mission Woods

Just north of Mission Hills is the small (only 180 residents), leafy enclave of Mission Woods. Home to the exclusive Pembroke Hill school facilities, Mission Woods also features a small business area of shops and cafes, and has a look and feel that is completely its own – bucolic, quiet and green. The main thoroughfare, Mission Woods Road, curves and winds through an older, manicured neighborhood of graciously proportioned older homes in a variety of styles, each with its own distinctive character.



Westwood is both a residential community of approximately 1,500 people, and a city of business and commerce as it is home to several University of Kansas Medical Center facilities and other corporate office and retail businesses. At just under one half-square mile of total land area in size, the city’s location at the far northeast corner of Johnson County, Kansas provides the combination of pleasant residential environment with ready access to the nearby Country Club Plaza.


Westwood Hills

Westwood Hills is known as “The Most Beautiful Little City in Kansas” and is comprised of 175 homes and approximately 400 citizens. A range of architectural styles, stone bridges, shade trees and a creek help make Westwood Hills known for its distinctive architecture and individuality.